Help business owners to succeed with an ActionCOACH franchise

The business owners who succeed are usually the ones who are prepared to ask for and listen to advice on how to improve their business. Since it was founded in 1993 the business coaching firm, ActionCOACH, has created a reputation for helping small and medium-sized business owners to be more profitable, build better teams and have more time for themselves.

An USA-based company, ActionCOACH has been franchising since 1997 and currently has more than 1000 franchise locations in 26 countries across the world. The company is looking for Master Franchise Owners and single-unit franchise owners to continue its expansion, particularly in Europe, South America, India and Africa.

As the owner of an ActionCOACH franchise you will provide all the coaching a business owner needs to increase the success of their company including one-on-one coaching sessions, group coaching sessions, workshops and seminars, books, CDs, DVDs, online resources and videos.

Additionally, Master Franchise Owners will be responsible for attracting franchise owner coaches and provide them with support and associated resources. As an individual franchise business, the role involves building, sustaining and growing a client base of one-on-one coaching clients, a variety of group coaching sessions, seminars and workshops, as well as building a dynamic data base of qualified leads that convert into clients over a period of six to nine months.

ActionCOACH is looking for Master Franchise Owner candidates who have excellent sales and marketing skills, business development skills, professional service and business-to-business skills, as well as a drive and desire to help others achieve success in business.

In return ActionCOACH will provide a 10 day initial training programme, which is held in Las Vegas, as well as a series of regional conferences and a yearly global conference. Franchise owners can also attend weekly training webinars, have access to all of the company's proprietary business development and training tools, have accountaility coaching, and have access to a variety of other local, regional and national support.

The business coaching industry is currently in its 'early adoption' phase of market growth and at the moment generates more than $1 billion compared to a $50 billion market for business consulting services. So, the potential is clearly there for an ambitious and dedicated Master Franchise Owner to build a thriving ActionCOACH business.

Franchise owner testimonials

ActionCOACH drives success: Steve Brennan

Steve Brennan went into business for himself ten years ago and is now the proud owner of Auto Edge, a successful auto repair business. It wasn’t always easy. Early last year, Steve began to think of closing the business.

“I was doing everything in the business. I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere and I’d had enough,” he said. Then he started working with ActionCOACH Pete Carlin. “Earlier this year we opened a second store.

“Since ActionCOACH came on board, average monthly sales revenue has increased by 265 per cent and net profits have increased by 192 per cent.

“My whole role in the business has changed. I’m not so hands-on anymore and business has picked up due to our ability to better service customer demand.

“ Earlier this year we opened a second store and we’re on our way to becoming the industry leader.”

Working out with ActionCOACH: Tony Hebard and Jodie Kent

In February 2004, Tony Hebard and Jodie Kent opened The Zenergy Group’s first “appointment only” studio. As first-time business owners, Tony and Jodie were looking for experienced advice to help them reach their goals.

“We see coaching as an investment to help us get to where we want to go much more quickly,” Tony said. “Now, we’re taking our first big holiday in years.

“After only two months, ActionCOACH has helped us take our business to the next level. We learned how to effectively lead, manage and motivate our team of eight personal trainers, a masseuse and a receptionist,” he added.

“As a result, we can now concentrate on growing the business, with the confidence our team will be behind us all the way.

“We are also less stressed about the future and are confident our business is on the right path. Now we’re taking our first big holiday in years and know we can trust our team to run the business while we’re away.”

Happy to get off the road again: Paul Lavoie

Paul Lavoie joined ActionCOACH after a 20-year corporate career that included work in the financial services industry. He now operates his Coaching practice in Connecticut.

“Prior to becoming an ActionCOACH, I worked in a variety of executive positions for both private firms and publicity traded companies. Those positions ranged from being the General Manager of a $52 million financial services company to Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Operations and Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

“For me, the ActionCOACH opportunity was great because it was very consistent with my personal core values and beliefs. Plus, it presented the best opportunity for me to utilize my talents.

“The entire business has changed my life dramatically. Now, I am in control of my destiny and future. I have learned a great deal and gained great confidence in my ability to run any type of business. I no longer travel and I am home for dinner and I get to sleep in my own bed every night! It’s great not to have to stay in any more hotel rooms, especially since I used to travel so extensively. Not only do I like the lack of travel, my family does, too.

“A great part of the franchise system is that all the information and resources you need to be successful are available to you if you seek it out. Everything is there in a system that has been proven time and again.

“The biggest business benefit for me is that I now have a meaningful and lasting impact on my client’s lives. It is incredibly thrilling to help a business owner grow and become more successful.

“Personally, I have the freedom and flexibility to be with my family when I want to – and truly control my destiny. I also get to choose my clients and work with people I like which makes my overall lifestyle better than before.”

Making the jump to ActionCOACH: Josette Goldberg

Josette Goldberg traded a job in corporate America to become an ActionCOACH based in Schamburg, Illinois. Here, she explains the how joining the franchise has changed her business and her life.

“Before I joined ActionCOACH, I was a senior executive in corporate America, reporting to CEO’s. My primary role for several Fortune 500 business companies was to participate in setting business strategy, mergers and acquisitions, cultural and financial turnarounds and coaching leadership.

“One of the great things about the franchise is that it is such a great repository of information and resources. It is also an incredible network of people from all over the world.

“On a day-to-day basis, I find the company to be very helpful and willing to do the right thing.

“I’ve been about to meet and talk with a variety of professionals, and the knowledge they have and how they use it in their practice is very motivating.

“Being an entrepreneur is a very different world from corporate America. It’s life changing. I have had to learn many things, some new, some different.

“After having reached a lot of success in my corporate life, the personal and professional growth I’ve experienced since joining ActionCOACH is tremendous!

“My own franchise due diligence was pretty easy. Everyone was very helpful. I spoke to probably 15 different coaches and they were all very frank about the positives and negatives of franchise ownership in general and of ActionCOACH.

“Even as a start-up business, the best part of all of this is I now have greater flexibility in my life. And that flexibility comes with working the same amount of hours as I did when I was working in my other positions.”