Low cost franchise of natural handmade cosmetic

Attirance, a natural handmade bath and skin care cosmetic products manufacturer and retailer, was established in 2003 and soon began attracting customers from Russia and Germany. The company now has customers from 43 countries in Europe, Scandinavia, Baltic region, USA, Canada, Africa and the Middle East.

In 2007 Attirance developed its franchise offering and now has 37 franchise stores operating in various countries including Canada, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lebanon, Mongolia, Slovenia, South Africa, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey. In January 2012 a store will be opened in Angola and in February another in Mexico.

Founder of Attirance, Atis Leipins, says: "The inspiration for the Attirance concept and product range stems from French culture and my love of natural beauty. I launched Attirance in Riga, Latvia in 2003 because I wanted to create a range of cosmetic products that make people feel good about themselves and their environment."

An important advantage of Attirance production is its average price level, which allows the user to receive a quality cosmetics product at an affordable price, but to the franchise owner it creates a high level of profit.

Attirance product range

Attirance selects only the highest quality oils, butters, flower extracts and essential oils to use in its handmade products. The company's range of products continues to grow - so far, there are over 72 different varieties of soap, 44 different types of bath bombs as well as different body scrubs, yogurts, shampoos, bath accessories and gifts. Ingredients include: olive oil, almond or grape-seed oil, extracts of fruit and grass, natural essential oils, inflorescences of plants, honey, coffee and other components which provide careful and gentle body care.

Furthermore, the Attirance range of gift packs now incorporate fragrances from famous brands such as Kenzo, Hugo-Boss, Armani and Elizabeth Arden.

Attirance is constantly developing and improving its product lines to keep its loyal customers intrigued. This year alone the company has launched new products like shampoo, shower gels, liquid soaps, bath foams and 11 types of body butter creams. As well as this Attirance is in the process of creating three more products: foot balms, hand creams and body lotions, which will be available across its stores soon.

How to organise retail sales

  1. Store premise, location. This is the most important factor in organising this kind of business. The store needs to be 25-40 sqm. The store can be located in a commercial centre, as well as an individual store with entry from the street.
  2. Production. In the company store it is necessary to display all product assortment. The store trading equipment arrangement and the calculation of goods is planned for each specific store.
  3. Staff. Franchise owners will need to employ two salespeople who can work in shifts. Staff will receive a salary plus a percent share from the sales in the store.
  4. The equipment. Concept Attirance provides the firms trading equipment (working cash and packing table, gift tables, wooden/steal show-cases and glass show-cases, and also a knife - for cutting the soap) and the accessory elements giving the store a special charm. In addition, a cash register and weighing equipment are required.

Provided by Attirance:

  • Use of the trade mark 'Attirance', which has gained trust and love of consumers
  • Design-project of a premise in conceptual style 'Attirance' according to which the firm trading equipment should be arranged, and also the accessory element for the decoration of the shop
  • Prioritised delivery of goods
  • If necessary, the provision of experts for the opening launch of the shop, and also help in the ongoing management of the shop
  • Advertising support in the form of distribution of information on shop to mass-media and strengthening of position of brand Attirance in the market
  • Support of the partner at all stages by the personal manager in order to quicken the process

Attirance conception pluses:

  • Small initial investments
  • The fast repayment of the project; profit on investment in the goods can be 100-200 per cent
  • Exclusivity and availability of production to consumers
  • Constant updating of assortment Attirance will allow your goods to be always fresh and new in the market
  • Attractive formation of the shops
  • Help in making decisions of any organisational issues
  • The advertising support of Attirance, directed on the increase of sales volumes in the retail points

If you think this is the franchise opportunity for you, please fill out the form below and Attirance will contact you with more information