The concept

BEITRAINING® is a European-based business training company that is looking to expand worldwide and it is particularly targeting the UK, France, Ireland, Italy Portugal, Spain and Germany.

BEITRAINING® provides courses in various business areas including management, sales, services and personal growth, which are usually not part of the curriculum at school or university.

The role of a Master Franchise Owner will involve selling single-unit franchise training centres in their territory; conducting new franchise owner training; organising a PR and advertising campaign; and organising and co-ordinating support services with the internal sales team.

The opportunity

BEITRAINING® has developed a franchise package that will assist its Master Franchise Owners in operating a successful BEITRAINING® business. The Master Franchise package offers:

  • A business that can be sold afterwards
  • Experience and knowledge gained from 30 years of operating
  • Only voluntary and motivated trainees (enabling more effective training, measurable results and more satisfied training clients)
  • Referrals from day one of operating
  • Excellent training
  • More than 30 high quality ‘people skills’ training programmes

Ideal franchise owner profile

BEITRAINING® is looking for Master Franchise candidates who are ambitious and sales oriented experienced professionals. Furthermore, candidates should have the:

  • Energy and focus to build their own business
  • Willingness to learn a new system of ‘high touch’ service sales
  • Entrepreneurial motivation and skills
  • Ability to learn and operate within international standards
  • Motivation to enjoy sharing your knowledge and experience
  • Desire to sell to and serve entrepreneurs doing business within your local area
  • Ambition to build a substantial six-figure net income

Investment requirement

Depends on size of territory