Build the Future

Having become one of the fastest growing franchises in Canada, Booster Juice is now entering new markets supported by its international training dept.

"One of our greatest decisions," is how Booster Juice Montreal area development franchisee Pat Gianfrancesco describes his signing with the fresh juice and smoothie bar brand. Offering a healthier alternative to the food and beverage market that capitalises upon the growing awareness and popularity of the smoothie, Booster Juice markets its products as meal replacements that build a better diet, citing such ingredients as fresh juices, fruits and non-fat sorbets. "The tropical theme and flavour of Booster Juice products," Gianfrancesco continues, "is geared towards promoting freshness and nutrition in a vibrant environment that enthuses customers to feel good about eating well."

The brand was launched by entrepreneurs Dale Wishewan and Jon Amack in 1999 on the strength of their own specially-developed smoothie recipe. They designed their store concept with franchising in mind, and have built a network of over 100 locations across Canada, making Booster Juice one of the country's fastest growing franchises. "Today, we are helping to build the future that the founders and their hard working team (we like to call family) have been envisaging from Day One," adds Gianfrancesco. "Not only have our hopes and expectations been surpassed, but we are also having the times of our lives together with the rest of the team."

Toward the end of 2003 the company entered the US market with two stores launched, and has since also entered the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where a 50-store master franchise agreement has been signed with one of Saudi Arabia's leading franchised organisations. The first two locations are open and four more are planned by the end of this year. Further discussions are reportedly taking place with a number of master franchisee candidates throughout Europe, South and Central America and the Far East.

Booster Juice continues to develop its product line to strengthen its offering. "We recently launched a new line made from a delicious power berry grown only in the Brazilian Amazonian Rainforests called Zola Acai," reveals Dale Wishewan. "This berry provides the highest amount of antioxidants of any fruit on the planet and it supports the environmental restoration of the rainforest."

With further international expansion targeted, Booster Juice is seeking potential master franchisees with dedication, commitment and enthusiasm in all available countries worldwide. No previous business or food industry experience is required as the head office's international training department is structured to fully prepare master franchisees for building a network of successful operations.