Revolutionising Real Estate

BuySell Real Estate is a real estate company with a mission to "revolutionise the way people and businesses deal in real estate." BuySell was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Cyprus. The company employs approximately 200 employees and operates 18 owned offices.


Within the first five years of being in business, BuySell accommodated approximately 10000 transactions, worth 1 billion euros in home sales, dominating the Cyprus market.

The company lists approximately 25000 listings on its website including new and resale residential properties, developments and projects, land, plots, commercial properties and rental properties.

BuySell's high profile multichannel marketing reaches millions of potential customers each month generating hundreds of qualified leads each day.

BuySell invests heavily in developing proprietary systems, software and web based applications which streamline the company's operations, create efficiencies and ultimately benefit its customers.

The company also provides financial advice and solutions on mortgages, currency exchange and insurance enquiries through its subsidiary, ZAP Financial, while in-house lawyers assist clients with the legal side of buying property.

As part of the company's ongoing social responsibility and sensitivity program, BuySell has developed, since 2004, the monthly BuySell Home Price Index and the BuySell Asking Price Index, the only property indices in Cyprus.

With a proven business model in place and a dominant position in the Cypriot property market, BuySell is set to expand into international markets through a franchise business model specializing in both resort destinations and local markets.


The largest real estate company in Cyprus
BuySell's 18 owned offices generated over 10,000 transactions worth 1 billion euros in home sales in the first 5 years of its operation. BuySell employs approximately 200 staff and lists more than 25000 listings on its website.
A comprehensive real estate portal with over 25000 listings and more than 100,000 unique visitors every month.

BuySell Magazine
BuySell issues a monthly magazine which contains all the listings available for sale and rent covering 95% of the properties for sale in Cyprus. 40,000 copies of the magazine are distributed every month all over Cyprus through news stands, supermarkets, kiosks and the BuySell offices. Additionally 20,000 copies are mailed to subscribers abroad every month.

BuySell spends over 1.5 million euros per year in developing its own software and applications needed for all aspects of operations. All software and applications are web based.

Associates Programme
A vast network of associates including travel agents, estate agents, banks and financial institutions, from all over the world, who refer clients to BuySell in exchange for a fee.

BuySell Home Price Index
The only property index in Cyprus tracking the changes in prices at which residential homes are sold.


The BuySell model is a revolutionary and innovative model, definitely a far cry from the traditional and cumbersome models such as the American Broker/Agent system. The success of BuySell is based on...

  1. Technology
  2. Marketing
  3. Workflow

BuySell achieves more than 3 times higher productivity than the industry average.

What we offer:

  1. Continuous Training
  2. Extensive Support
  3. Full documentation, manuals and guides for all your operations
  4. In-housed developed, web based applications for all your operations
  5. A state of the are website which will generate more leads than you can handle
  6. Intensive centralized marketing
  7. Your area exclusive BuySell magazine
  8. Centralized lead generation
  9. The largest referral and associates network of business and individuals including travel agents, financial companies and anyone who has access to potential clients.
  10. Exclusive territories for all franchisees
  11. A unique and revolutionary model business model enabling franchisees to achieve 3 times higher productivity than the average estate agent.
  12. Initial investment funding assistance


BuySell is currently looking for Master Franchisees.

Master Franchise Income and Costs

Income for Master Franchisees
Income streams for the Master Franchisee (MF) will be derived from two principal sources:

  • The sale of franchises - The MF receives a share of the initial admission fee from the sale of each franchise in their territory
  • Ongoing royalties - The MF receives a share of ongoing royalties (Management Service Fee) from franchisees in their territory

Master Franchisees Fees

  • Master License Fee - The Master Franchisee will pay an initial fee called the Master License Fee. This is for the exclusive right to sell franchises within a pre-defined area, usually a country. The Fee is payable upon signing the Master Franchise Agreement

Information about the cost for the Master License for any particular country can be obtained by filling and submitting the Application form located on this page.

Franchise Cost

Franchise fees are based on the population size within the exclusive territory of the Franchisee.

Admission Fee
The admission fee is a once off fee payable by the Franchisee to the Master Franchisee on signing the franchise agreement. It is a calculated per 100,000 of population. Please refer to the table below for investment cost.

Management Service Fee
The Management Service Fee is a monthly fee calculated per 100,000 of population. Please refer to the table below for investment cost.

Admission Fee
(per 100,000 of population)
Management Service Fee
(per 100,000 of population)
UKGBP 10,000GBP 3,000
USAUSD 10,000USD 5,000
Other CountriesEUR 10,000EUR 3,000

The total capital investment required to launch a BuySell franchised office varies depending on additional factors such as size/location of premises, staffing levels and marketing plan.

All fees are indicative and may change without prior notice. Fee adjustments to suit local market characteristics and dynamics are possible.

To apply for the Master License, please complete the Application form located on this page.