Increase your franchise success through communication

Callswitch Technologies is a UK-based business that provides a range of communication packages to franchisors in the UK and European franchisors looking to expand their business concepts into the UK market.

The company was established in 2006 and draws upon its founders' 30 years of experience in the telecom industry. Over the years Callswitch Technologies has worked with a variety of franchise businesses, which has resulted in it gaining an excellent insight into the franchising industry and the needs of franchisors and franchise owners.

Callswitch Technologies deals with both business-to-business and business-to-consumer franchise concepts. Its packages are often used by franchisors looking to provide their franchise owners with communication support for the launch and continued operation of their businesses.

Franchisors buy Callswitch Technologies communication packages because they:

  • Prevent loss of trade by stopping inbound calls going astray in the event of the unexpected
  • Provide the Master Franchisor ultimate control of all incoming calls to each individual franchise owner as well as main call centres
  • Give the Master Franchisor control over inbound calls when a franchise owner defaults or leaves the network
  • Provides the franchisor a means to help its franchise owners manage their businesses
  • Provides the franchisor a means to help its franchise owners advertise more effectively
  • Builds a stronger telephone network for the franchise as a whole
  • Promotes a more professional image
  • Maintains consistency of franchise branding
  • Ensures all numbering solutions are fully compliant with Ofcom numbering policies

Franchise owners can benefit from working with Callswitch Technologies because they provide:

  • Simplified billing with complete telecoms services all on one bill - line rentals, calls, inbound advertising numbers, broadband and mobile
  • Reduced rates on outbound calls and line rentals
  • Fixed prices, which enable more effective monthly budgeting
  • Total visibility over all advertising and marketing activity with free access to online call statistics
  • Dedicated personal service via the company's freephone contact number

If your company already franchises in the UK or you are looking to enter into the UK market then a Callswitch Technologies package could provide all the communication needs for both you and your franchise owners.