Crepe Delicious

Company Profile


Crepe Delicious founder and chef Oded Yefet embarked on an international journey to search for the perfect addition to the vibrant North American quick service restaurant industry. His travels took him across the globe from Western Europe to Far East Asia, with stops through North Africa. When he was on the streets of Paris, he saw street vendors serving crepes, as an alternative to North America’s typical hotdog. He began thinking about how to combine the two: Canadians’ love of street food with the delights of a fresh crepe. He took this elegant yet simple concept, combined with over twenty years of hotel and restaurant experience and created Crepe Delicious.

Crepe Delicious is now Canada’s largest chain specialising in the creation of world class sweet and savoury crepes and is a leader in the trend towards healthier eating.

The first Crepe Delicious opened in Vaughan Mills, north of Toronto, in 2004. Success was almost immediate; the concept was franchised the following year, when the location in Sherway Gardens opened in west Toronto. With locations spanning four provinces, we are proud to have become the largest mall-based creperie and gelateria in Canada. We also have a presence in three different states with aggressive franchise development plans.

The Launch Of Gelato

In 2009, following customer demand and analysis, Crepe Delicious decided to add gelato to the crepe concept as a key product in existing outlets to make for a perfect pairing. This new gelato bar was inspired by sensual flavours and the desire for fine quality. All gelato creations are hand-crafted onsite daily, using the finest and freshest ingredients.

Seasonal flavours are inspired by locally grown produce and only the highest quality ingredients are used to create our gelato. A lactose-free and sugar-free flavour option is always available and a selection of fine sorbets will impress at 0% fat content. Made from natural ingredients, Gelato is a healthy dessert which is both lower in fat and calories vs traditional American ice cream. While ice cream is generally produced with cream, gelato is made from milk or water, resulting in lower calories and fat. Other health benefits include high amounts of protein (especially when made with milk and/or nuts), essential vitamins, and because gelato is made from milk, it can be a great source of calcium.

Why Crepe Delicious?

  • Crepes & Gelato make people smile
  • No one can resist the sweet smell of a crepe being made fresh on a warm griddle, or watching the crepe batter as it is spun over the griddle and heated to perfection. Who can resist the sweet goodness in every spoonful of handcrafted gelato?
  • Become a part of something special. Become a part of the Crepe Delicious family
  • Everyone loves Crepes & Gelato
  • Turnkey operation
  • Healthy Eating Starts Here
  • Proven Operating System
  • Low Start Up Costs & No Expensive Exhaust System or Oven
  • Low Variable Costs
  • Marketing Support
  • Training and Support
  • Flexible concept from 200sqf kiosk up to 2000sqf street location

Training and Support

Up to two weeks training in the head office that covers practical training and management training and one week at the first cooperate location of the master/area development. One annual visit paid by master. Further visit also available.

Ongoing supply of all core products development by electric files, menus, systems, artwork, store design updates.

Ideal Franchisee Profile

Our candidates need to come from the business world. It will be better if he/she come from the QFS industry or from the retail industry but not a must.

Have to have sufficient capital to open locations, market them and run them (anywhere between $1M- $2M, up to the territory size). Big advantage if he has some marketing knowledge/background and real estate knowledge. Have to have good English communication.

Investment Required

Investors should be able to demonstrate access to funds or funding from $1m