Become the CEO of Your Own Management Training Company

Crestcom, a world leader in providing cutting-edge training solutions, is seeking franchisees worldwide. Started around 1990, Crestcom is now active in close to 60 countries and has materials in more than 25 languages.

Each month, thousands of executives and managers, from more than 50 countries, participate in Crestcom's Bullet Proof Manager training. Crestcom training works with all sizes of organisations, from small, local companies to multi-national giants. Crestcom materials are available in numerous language versions.

What Crestcom Franchisees Do
For nearly two decades, Crestcom franchisees have marketed and delivered training in the areas of sales, recruiting, customer service and particularly management skills development. Franchisees are supported in this training by video-based instruction from Crestcom's Video Faculty, which includes some of the finest management and sales authorities of our time, including: Lisa Ford, Amanda Gore, Dr. Jim Hennig, John Hersey, Tom Hopkins, Bob Johnson, Harvey Mackay, Dr. Terry Paulson, Bob Pike, Nido Qubein, Marcia Steele, John Tickell, M.D., George Walther and Zig Ziglar. Crestcom upgrades and develops new training courses on a regular basis.

Franchisee Profile
Crestcom franchisees come from varied backgrounds, from top sales professionals, to entrepreneurs and corporate executives. Owning a Crestcom franchise gives you the chance to run your own business, offer world-class training and be a part of a highly-respected, international organisation

The age of those who have started a Crestcom business has ranged from the mid-twenties to the early sixties. Successful Crestcom franchisees generally possess the following qualities.

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Time management skills
  • The ability to develop relationships and trust

Crestcom franchisees have included a former CEO of World Book Encyclopedia, a Managing Director for Tupperware Spain and the owner and CEO of a major airline. Other backgrounds include marketing managers, engineers, customer service specialist accountants, attorneys, teachers, sales managers and salespeople.

Operating a Crestcom business gave them an opportunity to work form their homes, have low overhead and few, if any, employees.

Top-Rated Management Training Franchise
Crestcom, has been recognised as the top-rated management training organisation by numerous publications... numerous times. In 2006, Crestcom received the Exporter of the Year award from a division of the United States Department of Commerce. Crestcom has also received the President's "E" Award for exporting excellence.