We are in it together

As a Crestcom franchise owner, you will receive comprehensive support from day one. We understand that your success starts with us – that is why Crestcom is one of the few franchises that provides the tools, techniques and training before you make a decision.

Start-up support

Every new Crestcom franchise owner’s starts with our first 100-day plan, which includes:

  • A detailed procedures manual
  • Your initial inventory of marketing materials
  • Franchise training videos
  • Accounting and reporting systems
  • the opportunity to work with a mentor and benefit from experience, support and encouragement of someone who has already established a Crestcom business

Ongoing support

In addition to comprehensive initial training, Crestcom understands the importance of ongoing support to help build your business.

We provide every franchise owner with the following Tool Kit resources:

Client referral list This list features names and contact information of thousands of Crestcom clients worldwide. It can help new franchise owners identify potential clients.

Monthly facilitation tips Crestcom provides instructional videos and monthly online instruction on how to conduct Crestom monthly training sessions.

Company Newsletter Franchise owners receive business ideas and sales and training tips from a weekly company newsletter.

Company contests/trips Crestcom sponsors various contests and incentives. Outstanding achievers qualify for special recognition, including an opportunity, to accompany other high performers and Cretcom management on corporate retreats.

Franchise owner meetings Twice each year you will participate with other franchise owners at the international and regional levels to learn and share experiences at the peer level.