Global Branding for the 21st Century...

The Aim Since 1950 the awarding of Master Franchise Rights has played a major role in developing global growth for franchising. Over 1,000 Franchisors have exported their concepts, systems and brand values by adopting this strategy, and now enjoy over 250,000 locations outside their national boundaries. Franchise Development Services has played an important role in educating and motivating Franchisors to 'go global' and simultaneously identifying the most suitable indigenous Master Franchise partners to develop the new markets and achieve significant growth.

The Method: Master Franchising The underlying principle involved is an extension of the basic Franchise partnership model, whereby organisations expand using the experience and resources of local entrepreneurs in specifically targeted markets. With Master Franchising, the Franchisor enters into a legally binding commercial agreement with individuals or organisations who are best equipped, both culturally and logistically, to develop specific markets to their full potential.

The First Step: Pre-Entry Research Providing a company is correctly structured and positioned to Franchise, then Franchise Development Services recommends starting the process with a detailed pre-entry study which helps assess the suitability of the business for market expansion. This covers 21 key areas, which include market research, licence fee structures, capital requirements, financial projections for the Franchisor and Master Franchisee, intellectual property rights and a whole host of additional considerations. The objective is to adapt the brand's appeal to suit local customs, tastes, lifestyles and trading conditions to ensure maximum synchronicity between the original system and the replicated system in the target country.

The Experts: Franchise Development Services Acknowledged as international experts in Master Franchising since 1981, Franchise Development Services is the organisation of choice in helping Franchisors achieve international expansion. The group has assisted numerous important brands to go global and is rapidly expanding its own network of offices dedicated to guiding and supporting the International Franchisor. The essence of a successful Franchise is underpinned by the Franchisor's ability to teach its business to the Master Franchisee who can then understand and implement the company's Franchise blueprint correctly. Once that has been achieved, the Franchisor and his partner must concentrate on marketing the product or service within that specific territory.

• Pre-Entry Studies
• Infrastructure adaptation - manuals, agreements, systems and methods
• Master Franchisee recruitment programmes
• Implementation support
• International strategy review
• Re-allocation of Master Franchise Rights Plus, hard-hitting publications - FDS quality magazines (The Franchise Magazine and Franquicias y Negocios) are dedicated to helping you and your Master Franchisees to achieve success in the international marketplace.

...a Step-By-Step Method for International Development

  1. Initial Visit to Franchisor's Head Office To hold discussions with key personnel, determining needs and analysing systems used, identifying corporate strengths and suitability for the target market.

  2. After the Data Gathering Commence the work programme, including pre-entry research, defining content and market value of Master Franchise Rights package. Evaluate and report on 21 Key Areas that are critical to understand and have in place before proceeding. Identify key tasks to achieve the goal of allocating Master Franchise Rights.

  3. Confirmation of Master Franchise Rights Package Outline development programme and financial projections for Master Franchisees.

  4. Pre-Sale Documentation Produce Franchise agreements working with experienced franchise lawyers. Assist with the securing of intellectual property rights and co-ordinate the production of materials to support the marketing of the franchise rights.

  5. Master Franchisee Recruitment Advertising Utilise qualified FDS database of known investors from the target territory, exhibition marketing, specialised franchise publications such as Franchise International and global network of offices. Co-ordinate the most effective recruitment campaign.

  6. Recruitment of Master Franchisee Respond to enquiries, draw up a shortlist of suitable candidates and introduce prospective Master Franchisees to Franchisor.

  7. Assist Master Franchisee Assist Master Franchisees in their country in recruitment, training and marketing programmes, including identifying suitable franchisee prospects.

Franchise Development Services is widely acknowledged as a world expert in both national and international franchising. Our fully comprehensive Franchise Development Programmes and services are dedicated to allocating Master Franchise Rights and client brand growth in all global markets. There is no substitute for our international experience.