How to succeed with your international franchise development

The awarding of Master or Area Development Rights plays a major part in developing global growth for franchisors. Since 1981, Franchise Development Services (FDS) has played an important role in promoting, marketing and working with franchisors to achieve their international franchise development ambitions.

Our FDS international offices have more than 200 years of accumulated knowledge and, as such, we are regularly the organisation of choice in helping franchisors to achieve their international franchise development, while simultaneously working with established organisations to help them invest in franchise opportunities.

Successful international franchise development requires a genuine commitment in time, skills and resources. Should your company be giving serious consideration to international expansion – particularly in the countries where we have offices and Associates established – we can work with you in a seven-step procedure that has proven to be the formula for success time and time again. In addition to having helped many new and famous brands to succeed in various world markets, we go on to help the Masters recruit their regional franchise owner investors.

The FDS seven step process

Step 1: We review your existing documentation and then, if considered necessary, we will meet with key personnel at your headquarters offices to determine needs, analyse your systems, and identify corporate strengths and access suitability for the target market or markets under consideration.

Step 2: We commence a detailed work programme to conduct pre-entry research so that we can define the content and market value of the Master Franchise rights to be offered.

Step 3: We work with you to confirm the content and value of the Master Franchise rights package and outline the development programme and financial projections for investors and their networks.

Step 4: Creation of pre-sale documentation. FDS will work with experienced Franchise Lawyers to produce the Franchise Agreements and assist with securing the Intellectual Property Rights and co-ordinate the production of promotional materials to support the marketing of your franchise rights.

Step 5: Master Franchise Owner investor recruitment. FDS will utilise what is considered to be the most valuable database of international investors. We have over 100,000 individuals and organisations registered with us seeking to own Master, Area Development and single unit franchise rights. We will also use our printed, online, digital and app franchise titles to market the availability of your Master Franchise as considered most appropriate.

Step 6: Recruitment of Master Franchise Owner investors. FDS will respond to enquiries through our renowned International FranMatch service, drawing up a short-list of suitable candidates and arranging introductory meetings between you, the franchisor, and prospective investors.

Step 7: Master Franchise Owner investor assistance. FDS will deploy their resources to assist the Master Franchise to develop their franchise in accordance with the Franchise Development Business Plan.

We undertake the initial review of your existing documentation without any fee, cost or obligation. This provides us with the opportunity to feed back to you how much work we believe will be involved to achieve the goal of promoting and awarding your franchise. We then move on to agreeing the content and value of the Master Franchise package and recommend the type of marketing materials that we believe should be used in order to achieve success.

We find that the marketing of your Master Franchise opportunity to organisations and high net worth individuals is our most important undertaking. To this end, we utilise all of the experience that we have gained in this market place since 1981.

FDS receives all enquiries and short-lists candidates that meet the pre-determined criteria in relation to their experience in your sector, minimal financial ability and all other essential skills required to succeed by investing in owning and developing your Master to its full potential. We will work with you, Franchise Lawyers and any other parties involved in order to ensure that we achieve conclusion, signature of agreements and payment of the necessary funds.

FDS has three ways of working with clients.

  1. Full International Franchise Consultancy and Marketing. This incorporates pre-entry study, the seven step international franchise development programme, print and online marketing programme and the international FranMatch service, taking you, the franchisor, from stage one all the way through to the process of establishing successful international franchise operations.
  2. International Consultancy. This option involves the delivery of the international franchise development programme without us visiting your head office operations. We communicate with you so that we have the best possible understanding of your business. In addition, we provide you with best possible advice and guidance on the development and implementation of your franchise development activities for the country that we are targeting.
  3. International FranMatch. This option is for companies who have fully developed their Master Franchise offering with everything readily available. This option focuses on utilising FDS’s marketing resources and allocates an International Account Executive to manage lead flow, qualify potential candidates and arrange investor visits to your headquarters.

Our retention fees are kept to a minimum so that we can achieve income and profit in achieving a successful sale of your Master or Area Development Rights. We are extremely flexible and will tailor our agreement in a way that is fair to both parties. Many clients prefer our low retention plus success fee based on a percentage of the Master or Area Development franchise fees that are paid to you on success.

The FDS International Team.

Since 1981, FDS has long been recognised as one of the world’s leading Franchise Development organisations, with offices in the UK, Spain and Australia. You will soon discover that we are a happy professional International team that thrives on achieving success for any clients. Our unrivalled experience in national and international consultancy, print, database and other resources – combined with valuable connections with accountants, lawyers, and bankers – all come into play to help you achieve all goals within realistic time frames.

The FDS international team comprises of:

Professor Roy Seaman, CFE, founder and Chairman
Roy is involved in a number of government initiatives to promote international franchise development and is a frequent speaker at international seminars, conferences and workshops with the British Franchise Association, the International Franchise Association, and the UK Trade & Investment and is a mentor for many famous international franchise brands.

Nick Williams, Franchise Consultant
Following a 31 year career with Barclays Bank PLC encompassing senior management and with a particular interest in developing new businesses, Nick joined FDS in 2000 with a brief to evaluate with owners of successful businesses their future franchise development potential. His role encompasses working with established franchisors in expanding their networks and in facilitating international Master franchising. Nick works with PLCs, successful private companies, partnerships and sole traders. He is an Affiliate of the British Franchise Association (bfa) speaking on the benefits of franchising at bfa events and also for FDS.

Tony Urwin, Regional Director
Tony Urwin holds an MBA from the University of Strathclyde. He developed and implemented a national franchise network for Clarks Shoes and managed the roll out of the Disney retail operation in the Middle East. Since establishing FDS North in 1999, he has helped many of the North's businesses to realise their franchising ambitions and become the strong brands they are today. Tony has three decades of franchising experience, a third of which has been gained in the North West as the Manchester-based owner of FDS North. An Affiliate of the British Franchise Association (bfa), Tony regularly speaks on franchising issues at regional events and writes a regular column in The Franchise Magazine.

Paul Hague, Franchise Consultant
Paul Hague has been a consultant with FDS since 1993 and during that time has worked with numerous clients both nationally and internationally, from one man bands to multi-nationals in a large range of industry sectors. His work with prospective franchisors encompasses evaluating franchise potential, advising on pre-development franchise strategies and offering alternative development strategies. He then assists franchisors in determining the appropriate strategy, developing and improving the necessary infrastructure, building the franchise management team, consulting on joint venture development strategies and fund raising exercises and providing ongoing advice and guidance through the development stages to achieve franchise success.

Paul works very closely with a small team of specialists, including Franchise Lawyers, Trademark Attorneys, Franchise Manual Writers, Copywriters, Accountants and Advertising/Marketing Agencies, with each one playing a vital role in the client's development. He also provides assistance to franchise owners in evaluating prospective franchises and representing franchise owner groups in disputes. He provides services to FDS regional and international offices such as specialist training, assisting with client development programmes, providing industry sector specialist know-how and contributing ongoing advice and guidance

Mike Fuller, FDS Australia
With a background in sales and finance, Mike joined Cartridge World in 2002 to launch and develop the brand in the US market. Meteoric US sales created high demand for the brand in other countries and in 2003 Mike set up an International Master Franchise Owner training programme that saw him appoint and train 30 Master Franchise Owners. His knowledge of international franchise markets and cultures is highly regarded. Mike is now a Regional Director for FDS Australia

Paul Wheeler, FDS Australia
Paul Wheeler was a founder of the Cartridge World group and pivotal in the rise of the brand from a single store in 1997 to over 1,550 franchises worldwide. Paul is regarded as a franchise veteran by business commentators. With his background in banking, small business and franchise consulting, he can bring successful practical business experience and new energy to the franchise industry. Paul has joined Mike Fuller in becoming a Regional Director for FDS Australia.

Adrian Soler
Adrian Soler was born in 1970. Studied economics science at the Barcelona University in 1988 and in 1994 he started his MBA degree in IESE, one of the top 10 Business schools in the world. His professional track record started as accountant in a luxury shop and salesman in a commercial bank. In 1996 joined Editorial Planeta, the largest editorial company in Spain, with a turnover of €1.600 million as a Manager in the Direct Sales Division, personally managing a campaign of €10 million. In 1998 he joined Party Fiesta, a Spanish franchisor as a Manager where he met Roy Seaman in a franchise exhibition and joined FDS. Since then (1999) he has established and managed FDS Spain and developing a net of services and media for the franchise, the retail and the food industries. Adrian has been a member of the board at Barcelona franchise expo (BNF) during all its editions. Professor of the Economics Faculty at the Barcelona University since 2001. Member of the Spanish franchise association (AEF), the young entrepreneurs association of Catalunya (AIJEC) and the Catalan retail family companies association COMERTIA, and AMiCCA the national retail association. As hobbies he is a supporter of FC Barcelona, loves to run, read books of history, and cars. His maximum achievement in life is being father of a girl of three years.