Table art chez Geneviève Lethu

Geneviève Lethu shops provide everything for the kitchen and the table in a warm, harmonious atmosphere. With 35 years of experience and 140 shops established in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and South East Asia, the company invites you to consider investing in "a professionally enriching project with a good and quick return on investment"

Text: Stuart Anderson

The international development of French retail brand Geneviève Lethu has been gathering pace with its development in established countries complemented by openings in new markets such as Algeria, Belgium, Hong Kong last year, and Mexico this year with a Tahiti store also recently opened in May. In fact, the brand is present in 40 international locations in 16 countries worldwide, including Spain, Italy, Japan and Saudi Arabia, plus a healthy network of over 100 stores in France.

A shop which specialises in providing items for the kitchen and dining table, Geneviève Lethu celebrates "cooking for pleasure" and the creation of a "joyous table", supplying quality, functional yet beautiful items at reasonable prices including dinner service, glassware, cutlery, table linen, kitchen linen and other accessories. "Whether for the table or the kitchen, all of the items are created or chosen with the same rigor and style," says Export Manager Gaëlle Martin. "They are functional reliable and resistant. They must live up to each expectation so that everyday life is beautiful. The Genevieve Lethu offer meets international success thanks to its 'heart of range' which responds to the customers' expectations all around the world."

The concept was first franchised in 1972, quickly establishing locations in major French cities such as Poitiers, Montpellier, Bordeaux and Paris, where four shops trade. Since November 2005 Geneviève Lethu has its own platform of storage, ensuring professional logistics for the whole network.

Two presentations of new product ranges are undertaken every year - three new collections are presented at a Spring-Summer show and an Autumn-Winter show. These collections are created around stylistic themes inspired by different cultures which renew and enrich the product ranges sold in Geneviève Lethu shops.

"Consumer behaviour has changed both in the choice and in the purchase of the product,' says Gaëlle Martin. "The consumer wants to live life differently and stand out from the crowd in the preparation and eating of meals. It is out with conventional meals and in with sandwich lunches, trays in front of the television, raclette with friends, pasta lunch with all sorts of sauces, couscous and other variations. Consumers are looking for boutiques that let them stroll, dream and be inspired before buying. Our focus is on clear, accessible presentations and original ideas, adding that little extra which makes all the difference."

A rethink of the store layout has seen Geneviève Lethu develop an attractive, clear and spacious interior which combines clear displays with a warm atmosphere. As a result, system wide turnover has reached Euros47.8 million. "We are opening new shops each year," says Gaëlle Martin, "and are seeking new international destinations in which to extend our operations."