Video Transcript

Franchisees come from a wide variety of backgrounds

"What I did before I got into Good Feet? I used to be a semi-conductor equipment technician, and then became a hardwear engineer"

"Before I was a Good Feet franchisee, I actually worked at a Good Feet store in Santa Barbara for about two or three years."

"Before Larry and I got into Good Feet, he was a stockbroker for 20 years and I was a public relations and marketing professional."

"Before I was doing Good Feet, I was in the custom arch support business."

"We came from different backgrounds; I came from the restaurant industry and my wife had the medical background."
"I'm a physiotherapist, multiple other background steps."

"Prior to buying Good Feet, I was in corporate sales. I came in as a customer at first, into the Good Feet store, tried the arch supports, I had plantar fasciitis, I'm a runner, got both my arch supports. They helped me run a marathon and was coming in to prepare to run my second marathon and I got talking to the owner about how much they had helped me, I ended up not jut buying more arch supports, but buying the store!"
"I spent 28 years raising five children, teaching them school. Four of them are married, four grandchildren, we have four grandchildren. So this was a totally new experience for me. Our youngest is in high school, o I felt like I had the freedom, so it's been fun to work together."

"Previously to Good Feet, we were in cell phones."

"Before I decided to become a business owner, I was a school teacher. I taught biology and science."

"I was working in a warehouse, developed, actually, plantar fasciitis, and struggled with it for about a year and a half, almost two years. I got to a point where my doctor actually told me I had to do an orthotic and he told me the price of it and I said 'what?'. I'd rather just find a new job than buy an orthotic."

"I started off with Good Feet because of Arnold, he hired me to work in his Milwaukee markets. I worked for him for four and a half years eventually became his media buyer, and then became my own [store] owner."

"I've been selling shoes since I was 20, o I've had a lot of experience in the shoe industry. We opened up our own Good Feet store in 2002 and we've been doing Good Feet ever since."

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