Established enterprise in early education

Do you want a well-rewarded career in your own business, working with children and young people and helping to develop the next generation?

Would you like the feeling of going home every day knowing that your work is making a continuing difference to the lives and futures of young people? A Helen Doron master franchise will bring you just that, offering the opportunity to join a company that has been at the forefront of the booming early education market for over 20 years.

Was there ever a better time to join the ranks of the educationalists asks Helen Doron? With operations established in over 20 countries worldwide the company is revolutionising the teaching of English to children aged 3 months to 14 years and Mathematics to children aged between 4 and 11 years.

Helen Doron has developed two concepts: Early English and Mathjogs. Early English provides eight years of structured fun teaching, built on a strong business basis. Mathjogs has been piloted over the last three years as Helen Doron's six-level mathematics programme for young children.

With our help you can build a network of thriving Learning Centres. The franchise has been built as a virtually turnkey operation. The franchisee locates the premises, and recruits suitable teachers and managers, we provide advice and train the staff. It's our business to train you to run your business. We advise on the décor and signage for learning centres. Our studios have designed really beautiful banners and wall-hangings to decorate and promote your Centres.

It's our business to train you to run your business

International public awareness of Helen Doron is expanding. Many of our new franchisees, teachers and students come to us through our international and national advertising and promotional campaigns. Local referrals from satisfied parents bring many new students. The Helen Doron business model is built on practical experience.

Helen Doron Early English and Mathjogs master franchises are offered either singly or combined. Our Early English programme has given hundreds of thousands of children not only a good English accent, but also a natural understanding and love of the English language. Bilingual and 'native' children benefit greatly from its structured form of language acquisition and comprehension as well as the small class size.

Mathjogs combines both the latest educational techniques and Helen Doron's own inspirational thinking on early education, a major part of which is that the children enjoy learning!

Master franchisees that acquire a combined franchise teaching both English and Mathematics to young children enjoy substantial commercial benefits, both in obtaining the franchise and in the ongoing running and marketing of the franchise.

English is the International Language and Mathematics is the Universal Language. Helen Doron teaches both!

We are always there for our master franchisees. We provide business training and guidelines as well as business development and customer support to assist in the successful running of the business. The Wall Street Journal rates Early Education as the best franchise category in the world and we agree. It's a great mixture of business and pleasure. Starting in 1985, we began franchising in 1998. Today, we are in 20 countries, have about 2,500 active teachers and this year we have seen 30 per cent growth.