A unique business opportunity in early education

In the last few years, more and more research has shown the advantages to children of starting their education at the earliest possible age. A baby starts to comprehend its mother tongue even before birth. That makes early education one of the fastest growing niche markets in the world.

A Helen Doron franchise offers you a well-rewarded career and business opportunity. You will be joining a company that has been at the forefront of the booming early education market for over 20 years.

Helen Doron has developed two concepts and more are planned. Early English is an easy, natural method of teaching English to babies and young children from the age of three months to 14 years. Mathjogs is a state-of-the-art method for nurturing mathematical thinking and practical skills for children from four to 11 years.

Both concepts have unique methodologies, at the same time fun and playful, incorporating all the latest developments in the field of accelerated education for the young.

The Helen Doron Group has been leading the field of early child development since 1985 and started franchising in 1998. We are now in over 20 countries with more than 2,500 active teachers. We use a two-tier franchising model. A Master Franchisee has the exclusive rights for an area of about four million inhabitants. The Master Franchisee's income comes from sub-franchising to Learning Centres, supporting them with the sale of learning materials, receiving royalties from the Learning Centres and organising the teacher training courses and seminars. The Master Franchisee also runs a showcase Learning Centre.

A Learning Centre receives an exclusive area of 50,000-100,000 inhabitants in which to run a private school. Its income derives from lesson fees paid on behalf of the students and the sale of teaching materials, music CDs and games to the parents of the students.

We are always there for our franchisees. We provide business training and guidelines as well as business development and customer support to assist in the successful running of their business.

Mohammed Igbaria Learning Centre franchisee for Early English and Mathjogs for Israel "I am an English teacher by profession and calling, but after hearing about Helen Doron I took her Teacher Training Course. After the course I opened my first Learning Centre. By the end of the first year I had 700 students. This year there are 1,600, next year I expect 2,000."

Joanna Cesarz-Zbroszczyk Master Franchisee in Poland In 1998, Joanna took the Teacher's Training Course and told us she wanted to be a Master Franchisee. She was totally convinced that the Polish market, despite its then poor economy, would be an excellent market for Helen Doron Early English.

In January 1999 an agreement was signed for an area covering around five million inhabitants. A year later, Joanna expanded her area to 9.5 million inhabitants. In April 2000 a second Master Franchise area was awarded, followed by two more in July 2000 and a final area in May 2001. Today the entire country is separated into five Master Franchise areas with over 150 Learning Centres in operation.

Armin Ritschny Master Franchisee for Southern Germany "I was earning a lot of money for my employer in Austria, but I wanted my own business. My wife was a Helen Doron teacher, very happily running her own business, and I believed Helen Doron could be just the opportunity I was looking for. Everything went very smoothly...except for the fact that there was already a National Master Franchisee for Austria!

"However, parts of Germany were still free and it was such a great opportunity that we moved! We relocated to Munich in 1999. There was already a handful of teachers in the area with almost 500 students. Now we have over 8,000 and expect 10,000 in this next school year.

"I have only scratched the potential so far and awareness of the value of our work with the children grows day by day. I was soon earning much more than twice as much as I did when I was employed. I have more time for my life and my family and am definitely much happier, working as hard as in my previous job but with a lot more job satisfaction."