Cool product! Hot profits!

A unique product that offers businesses a simple method of saving money and improving the efficiency of their coolers is central to the success of US franchise Humitech, which is seeking to establish its concept worldwide.

It's all-natural product is Sorbite, a mineral which reduces humidity, lowers temperature naturally, captures harmful ethylene gas and reduces, if not eliminates, water that harbours bacteria. The results are reductions in premature product aging, contamination, compressor failure and odour problems.

Sorbite is mined exclusively from a Humitech-owned location in the Mohave Desert in the USA, and with scientific studies concluding that finding a mineral with the exact composition and balanced humidity control properties of Sorbite anywhere else on earth would be highly unlikely, Humitech's product is likely to remain a unique product that creates superb cost-savings for a growing client base including hotels, restaurants and florists.

'This is an amazing business,' states Humitech Franchise Corporation President Douglas Keane. 'We never sell our product, we share it with customers for free, and in a couple of days they know they are saving much more than the few dollars a day we charge for the service.'

Humitech builds up strong passive residual income bases by offering the product through a rental package which includes a regular monthly service that assures maximum performance. In addition, Humitech is developing a new home unit for worldwide distribution. 'The new 'Apple' has already been tested on television in the US and has received positive response from homeowners across the country,' reflects Humitech Chairman CJ Comu. 'When placed inside the refrigerator, produce, fruits and vegetables, meats and poultry will reap extended shelf life of up to 50 per cent. This market is huge. There are over one billion refrigerators in the marketplace that can use our product and save a lot of money.'

Humitech has established franchised networks in 19 countries in addition to its 80-strong network in the US, who work from home or commercial premises. 'This ability to work out of the home and maintain a great lifestyle has motivated many corporate executives to join the ranks of Humitech,' adds Keane. 'Having a home location does not affect their ability to service the needs of some of the most prestigious names in the restaurant and hospitality industries, and it allows them to spend more time with their families in many instances. Outside of the US, franchisees prefer working out of commercial offices. The option remains open for either approach - regardless of their office size or location, each offers a cost effective solution to the costly world of refrigerated environments.'