The ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL (IBI) concept has been developed to meet the demand for experiences associated with ICEHOTEL and to give people in different parts of the world the opportunity to experience the magic surrounding ICEHOTEL. The concept originated in Sweden and at ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle.

ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL is a complete ice experience that arouses all of the senses. All interiors – walls, bar, furniture, art and drinking glasses – are made of natural ice that is harvested from the Torne River in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. These interiors and their contents are kept at sub-zero temperatures to prevent them from melting.

To give the guests new experiences, IBI is given a fresh new design once each year. Leading, internationally renowned artists create each new design to enable continuously renewed experiences. On most markets, an icebar is a novelty and is considered a spectacular experience product and attraction.

Pre and post experience

ICEHOTEL began as a dream and vision that was shared by a group of people. With enthusiasm and commitment as the most important cornerstones, the dream was realised. And the dream comes true again and again, year after year – not only in Jukkasjärvi – but also as ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL in major cities such as London, Stockholm, Tokyo, Shanghai, Istanbul and others. The total experience is important for maintaining and developing a strong brand. For most of our guests, the visit begins and ends online and, in many cases, various web channels constitute a primary part of the experience. Clearly defining how the brand exists in the world around it ultimately influences the guests’ buying decision and behaviour.

The final result is a total experience in the form of art, design and interaction. In the cold setting, an encounter with ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL must be an invitation to warmth and authenticity. The adjacent venue should stand in contrast to ICEBAR. A warm and comfortable atmosphere invites guests to sit down and relax before and after a visit to the icebar.

ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL challenges the intellect and invites all the senses to partake in an unforgettable experience. These spectacular impressions leave no one untouched, and they become strong memories.

We wish to offer our guests the choice of a richly varied milieu for their evening out. Food and beverages and a place where guests can share their experiences with one another after visiting the ICEBAR are prerequisites for making the ICEBAR visit a total experience. This also generates additional sales.

Therefore, an IBI should be directly adjacent to a meeting place that offers food and beverages and is fully licensed to serve alcohol. The adjacent venue must also be a natural part of the visit to the ICEBAR; therefore, cooperation between the two is vitally important.

A summary of the principles upon which the ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL chain is based:

  • A business concept covering the owners operation
  • All interiors of natural ice are changed and given a new theme once per year
  • ICE and ICE-approved suppliers supply a range of product
  • A concept that is ready for implementation
  • Manuals that facilitate operation
  • A common brand and image
  • Quality-assured work methods and customer relations
  • Effective distribution of duties between venue owner and ICE
  • Venue owner and ICE have no ownership interest in each other
  • Collaboration is regulated contractually
  • The handbook is a part of the franchise agreement

Investment requirement and ROI

The complete investment depends on the location and the condition on the available facilities, actual needs during the installation of the cold room equipment and the surrounding areas like reception, shop and cloakroom. It also varies depending on country, jurisdiction, licensing laws etc.

Apart from offering spectacular attractions on your market you will also with a well operated unit have a quick return of investment and a very profitable venue.