Protection of brand names and logos is a key ingredient in running your franchise in any country. The right to enforce your brand monopoly underpins an attractive selling proposition to potential franchise owners and gives you an edge over competitors.

ip21, recommended by international franchise consultants Franchise Development Services (FDS) and now an FDS Associate, has a team of Trademark Attorneys who can assist you in securing protection for your brand in UK and European markets.

Ask yourself…

Are your brands ready to travel?

Brand protection is primarily obtained through Trademark Registration. However, Trademark rights are geographical, so if you want to extend into other countries, you need to get your brand protection secured first.

Have others beaten you to it?

Although you might have established rights in your home country, it's possible that other businesses in Europe already have rights in the same or similar brand name. These could block your own registration, and could even prevent you trading under the brand. A clearance search can check for existing rights, and pave the way for your own registrations.

UK today - tomorrow the rest of Europe?

While you can protect your brands with a UK Trademark Registration, there is also a European-wide system called a Community Trademark which gives protection in all 27 countries of the European Union, including the UK, through a single application. This is a cost-effective way to future-proof your brand protection in these important markets.

If you’re branching out into the UK or the rest of Europe, ip21's team of Trademark Attorneys can check your freedom to use your brand in the UK, and secure your brand protection for the European markets.