Land Rover

The concept

Since the 1948 launch of the iconic Series 1, Land Rover has forged its reputation as the world’s premier off-road brand.

Land Rover Experience offers the chance to test its vehicles’ true capability in exhilarating off-road environments – from picturesque woodland, quarries and streams to epic mountain tracks and sand dunes. The first Experience Centre opened in the late 1980s at Solihull’s Lode Lane, home of Land Rover manufacturing and the infamous Jungle Track. There are now 49 centres around the globe, offering a vast range of all-terrain experiences. Driving enthusiasts can challenge themselves on any landscape imaginable, from magnificent forest trails in Beijing to the muddy off-road tracks at Eastnor.

In 2014, more than 250,000 people have experienced the thrill of the off-road with Land Rover. Land Rover Experience is set on expanding its portfolio to reach 2 million experiences by 2020, and is looking for franchise partners to join this exciting journey.

The opportunity

Land Rover finds and assesses all Experience Centre locations. They also provide:

  • A choice of operating models (Franchise Agreement, Operator Licence or Mobile Operator)
  • Land Rover vehicles
  • Comprehensive training in core competencies, including vehicle handling techniques, product knowledge, team working and guest handling
  • Access to formulas and operational systems
  • Operations Manual
  • Extensive support pre-opening and at launch
  • Ongoing support post-launch, with periodic evaluation

To complement the off-road drives, most centres offer a range of services that act as additional income streams. These may include corporate hosting and events, professional training (eg LANTRA and BORDA) and the opportunity to include team building activities.