New Master Franchise opportunity is launched

LCF, an English language course franchise, is looking for Master Franchise Owners to aid its worldwide expansion

English is one of the most spoken languages in the world, especially in relation to tourism and international business, therefore many parents are keen for their children to learn English to aid their future career prospects. LCF (UK) Ltd, a UK-based franchise that provides English language courses for children, is looking for Master Franchise Owners to capitalise on this market and launch LCF locations worldwide. The company is particularly keen to recruit Master Franchise Owners in the Middle East, India and China.

LCF first launched its franchise opportunity in the UK in 1990, where it provides French and Spanish courses, and as a result has a vast amount of experience in franchising. The company sold 100 franchises in its first year of franchising and now has a network of 250 franchise owners, not only in the UK but also in Europe, Australia and South America.

Over the years LCF has developed a comprehensive book-based language programme, which in recent years it has updated to include online content that enables students to complement their studies at home.

LCF has used its years of franchising experience to create a strong training and support package for its franchise network. Master Franchise Owners will receive an initial five day training schedule which will be held in the UK and will cover:

  • Programme methodology
  • Programme delivery
  • Franchise owner sales
  • Franchise owner support
  • Administration programmes
  • Web-based content

After a new LCF Master Franchise Owner has completed this training course they will be expected to operate or sponsor a pilot franchise location in their territory. LCF will train and support the pilot franchise on-site with experienced LCF teachers, as well as assisting on-site in the recruitment of the first franchise owners, helping the Master Franchise Owner with interviewing and assessment. Additionally, LCF will advise and assist the Master Franchise Owner with all aspects of website design and content.

LCF is looking for Master Franchise Owners who are capable marketing and who have the dedication and skills needed to operate a successful network of franchise owners. Teaching experience is not necessary as qualified teachers will be recruited.

LCF Master Franchise Owners will receive revenue from:

  • Franchise sales
  • Royalty (10 per cent) of franchise owner fees or a monthly franchise owner service fee
  • Inscription fee from students
  • Commissions generated by subscriptions to LCF online content within the Master Franchise Owner's territory