Master Licence Opportunities in English Language Training

The Linguaphone Group is one of the world's leading providers of language training solutions with over 100 years of language learning experience

Text: The Linguaphone Group

Operating under the internationally renowned Direct English and Linguaphone brand names, our global network of licensed partners extends to over 90 English language training centres in 18 countries. Our distance learning products in 15 languages are sold to in excess of 7 million customers worldwide.

As our rapid global expansion continues, we are seeking successful, ambitious Master Licensees to join our international network of partners.

The market: US$15 billion global English language training industry

The Target Audience: The general consumer to the corporate executive, from the beginner to the advanced learner

The Offering: A proven, low overhead English language learning system that combines personal study with supportive face-to-facce tutorials, conversation classes, online learning and organised social activities.

The Support: With every aspect of the business, fram accountancy and operations to marketing and sales campaigns, you can count on the expert support of the Linguaphone Group every step of the way.