Profit from the booming outdoor advertising market

Mobil' Affiche started its activities in 1993 in Brest, France and has marketed its revolutionary selective scrolling display system on vehicle since 1994.

Mobil' Affiche is the market's world leader and one of the most successful advertising franchise systems. Since March 1998, Mobil' Affiche has been a member of the French Franchise Federation, proof of its seriousness and professionalism. On 14th April 1997 it was awarded the Silver Medal during the 25th International Exhibition of Inventions.


Mobil' Affiche is a new, original and eye-catching scrolling display system on vehicle. It suits the daily life perfectly:

• In built-up areas
• Downtown
• In industrial, commercial and shopping areas

Seven independent posters on each side can be scheduled individually to follow a specific order and display time. Each poster is displayed 10 seconds per minute and can appear 480 times a day.

It meets consumers:
• On busy roads
• In traffic jams
• At red lights
• In pedestrian areas

This revolutionary method allows organising a poster advertising campaign over the whole town for a very low cost. Thanks to its system, patented in 29 countries, Mobil' Affiche is the only company that can create the following effects:

• Showroom effect
• Slot machine effect
• Teasing campaign
• Full branding campaign


Thanks to the recent boom in outdoor advertising, Mobil' Affiche seeks to increase its network through new partnerships all over the world. Abroad Mobil' Affiche grants partners an all-exclusive patent license of the advertising trucks concept for a determined territory (country). Mobil' Affiche ensures the successful launching by providing commercial and technical trainings and accompanies its partners during day-to-day decisions.