Join the growing tourism industry with a MyDestinationInfo franchise

As the cost of air travel remains affordable and the constant development in new rail links between an increasing number of countries, people’s desire to travel will continue. The UN World Tourism Organisation has predicted that by 2020 the number of international tourists will reach nearly 1.6 billion, 1.2 billion of which will be intraregional and 378 million will be long-haul travellers. If these figures turn out to be correct it will mean that between 1995 and 2020 the number of global tourists will have increased by 4.1 per cent.

A high percentage of tourists will travel to places they have never visited before and as such they want to gain as much information about their destination before departure. Even those who are re-visiting somewhere are often keen to find attractions, restaurants, galleries and bars they have previously missed.

MyDestinationInfo is a travel website created in 2006 to provide tourists with an online guide to their destination. The website was founded by Neil Waller and James Street when they were unable to find online information about the Spanish seaside resort of Marbella, where they were planning to visit. Students at the time, Neil and James decided to create a dedicated tourism portal for Marbella, which soon grew into the MyDestinationInfo website.

The website not only enables tourists to research the country or city they are planning to visit before departure, but with the increasing use of mobile wireless technology such as the iPhone, enables them to continue using the site while on their visit. Each destination listed on the website provides detailed information about the area in general; the best places to stay, eat, and drink; the best attractions to visit; and general information, such as tipping advice and key emergency telephone numbers.

The main aim of MyDestinationInfo is to provide information about popular tourist destinations from local-based contributors. Each destination on the website is owned and operated by a franchise owners, who has the responsibility of publishing reliable, quality content about the destination and attracting local advertising.

MyDestinationInfo is keen to hear from franchise owner candidates, both individuals and companies, who have a genuine passion and love for their destination.

Since MyDestinationInfo was established it has already developed into an award winning company and has either won or been shortlisted for awards covering Online Travel, Digital Business, Young Company and Young Entrepreneurs. As well as this the company has already been successfully franchised in over 50 destinations all over the world and the website is used by more than 4 million travellers a year and growing.

Keen to stay ahead of the competition, the owners of MyDestinationInfo are constantly upgrading and introducing new features to the website. As well as this the company is aggressively expanding and innovating to be on the forefront of internet technology.

No technical experience is needed to successfully operate a MyDestinationInfo franchise as the company will provide full support, which includes a diverse team of experts to take care of every technical aspect of the business, from the internet and google marketing to the design and creation of adverts used on the website.

Joe Cawley, franchise owner of, comments: “I’d been looking for the right opportunity for a web-based business for several years. When I came across MyDesitnationInfo. I was pretty sure I’d found it.

“After meeting the team my thoughts were confirmed. Everyone has been, and continue to be, extremely helpful and supportive, with a response rate verging on ‘instant’.”

Magnus, franchise owner, adds: “We had always been looking to create an online business but did not have the technical knowledge. The franchise has changed all that, as the technical expertise and experience we lacked was now available in-house, as it were.

“The support and advice from everyone at MyDestinationInfo has been brilliant and we feel we are among friends.”

Written by Derin Ibrahim