Native Grill & Wings

Brand History

Native Grill & Wings has matured over 35 years of uncompromising flavour, food and fun. With the brand starting out as Native New Yorker Restaurant, named after a goofy little disco song that the founding family members listened to as they made their way from Buffalo New York in 1978, the birth place of the infamous chicken wing, to Native Grill & Wings which represents the loyal following of our guests.

Our Mission

To provide our guests with excellent service, exceptional food, and a memorable experience, while continuing to be the “Coolest Place for the Hottest Wings.”

Franchise Support

All new Native Grill & Wings franchisees receive the support and training required to open their restaurants quickly and efficiently, including:

  • Site selection assistance and guidance, including field visits
  • Standard prototype plans and specifications, including interior layout and décor, equipment specifications and sign design that your local architect must adapt to meet local code requirements
  • Wingman Certified Trainer Program
  • Lease/Purchase negotiations assistance
  • Professional layout, blueprint, design and construction document review and analysis
  • Complete equipment lists and specifications
  • Pre-approved third party suppliers
  • Guidance in securing liquor license
  • Grand opening promotions assistance and on-site opening assistance
  • Operational and management tools
  • Comprehensive pre-opening assistance and restaurant opening training package


As with any expanding franchise system, we have many interested parties inquiring about buying a franchise. To measure a candidate’s qualification, we have established the following requirements:

  • required liquid assests: Minimum of $350,00 per restaurant
  • Required net worth per restaurant of $1.0 million.
  • Total estimated initial investment $650,000 to $2,250,000
  • No more than 80 per cent of the start-up costs be leveraged; 20 per cent of any single store’s start up costs must be in liquid assests