The Italian culture of taste

The popularity of traditional Italian food is established worldwide, with successful Italian restaurant and takeaway concepts conquering every European market. With the growing interest in home cooking, demand is increasing for quality ingredients to replicate these meals in the home, which is leading the success of Italian retail concept Olio & Farina (O&F).

Specialising in the production and sale of gastronomic gifts including olive oil, sauces and dressings blended with Italian extra virgin oil, plus a non-food range of Italian-designed kitchenware, O&F's products are designed for use with all kinds of Italian pasta.

'All O&F products are handmade and respect the traditions of regional recipes,' reveals Managing Director Emiliano Bacigalupo. 'O&F sauces are created with the highest quality natural ingredients, applying sensitive, unadulterated processing methods.

'Additionally, in an O&F shop you can discover the most authentic Italian products - like O&F pasta made with fresh eggs rolled out in the traditional Italian manner.'

O&F originated as a supplier and exporter of Italian gift products, before developing and launching its retail concept. With a Master Franchisee now marketing the business to prospective franchisees in the UK, and store openings scheduled in France and Ireland for the end of the year, the company has refined its Master Franchise package and is seeking to enter other European markets.

'Our model offers franchisees at least three revenue streams - retailing, corporate gifts and internet sales,' reflects Bacigalupo. 'Joining the O&F group means embracing a lifestyle which will involve you in spreading the culture and tradition of Italian cuisine. Our shops are 'Temples of Taste', where clients have the chance to travel through a wonderland in search of the true flavours of Italy. Opening an O&F shop therefore means not only selling high-quality products, but also obtaining constant satisfaction both from the business itself and from the delights you will be able to bring to customers who allow you to guide them along the route to perfect flavours.'

The O&F retail concept requires a catchment population of 50,000 and premises of 50sqm-70sqm located in central and/or commercial areas close to an arterial route or shopping mall.

'Thanks to the expertise obtained in the Italian and UK markets, O&F intends to move into other European markets as a proven format,' adds Bacigalupo. 'We offer an original alternative to traditional gifts such as a floral bouquets, with extremely high quality products which reflect the tradition and culture of Italian cuisine.'