A Leaf Less Ordinary – America’s Frozen Yogurt

About Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

Orange Leaf is a dessert brand with a difference. Frozen Yogurt has long been big business in the US, but it is only recently that this healthier frozen dessert has gained worldwide popularity as consumers demand greater variety across international marketplaces.

Orange Leaf provides franchisees with incredible tasting frozen yogurt in a range of flavours that provides the base ingredient for a fully customisable snack for consumers. The Orange Leaf appeal is one of absolute customisability, giving the customer unparalleled choice in selecting their perfect frozen dessert.

The Opportunity

The business is looking to recruit Master Franchisees globally. The successful applicants will obtain the exclusive rights to the brand in the Master location, initially for 10 years. The licence will give the new Master Franchisee the right to use the Orange Leaf trademarks and to operate under the amended operational manuals for their exciting new market.

At a store level, total build out for Orange Leaf locations ranges from between $245,000 and $445,000 depending on size of location. This initial investment includes full branding, franchise fee, pre-operational expenses and much more.

Orange Leaf opens up an average of five stores per month in the US – figures which the brand is expected to replicate in new areas of expansion .

The brand actively promotes the family-friendly environment, which each store adheres to. Master Franchisees are expected to follow this Orange Leaf ethos to further the excellent reputation of the brand across the globe. Orange Leaf is already America’s Frozen Yogurt – soon it could well be the rest of the world's too.