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Camilo Pinto is a Portuguese company with more than 25 years of experience in textile production. Being manufacturers places us in a privileged position to take full advantage of scale economies, and obtain knowledge of market trends.

As a result we produce a very high quality product with a competitive price and an individual look.

Peter Murray is a brand of clothes and accessories for men and women with an expanding international presence. Our collections reflect a certain lifestyle and way of dressing.

The collection is developed through four different lines: Sport - Classic - Concept - Exclusive. The concept focuses upon sales without the rush, with specialised stores offering a relaxed atmosphere and customised advice. The store decoration gives the sense of being in a house - the house of Peter - a cosy space, with warm furniture that reflects the characteristics and personality of a modern lifestyle.

The profile of customers we attract: middle to upper class people in an urban environment who care about image. Our product distribution is carried out through the franchise system, where the franchise fee (variable depending on the country and the market) covers: the master franchise in your country; the design project for the shop and the architect's inspection visits; travel and accommodation costs for the Peter Murray staff to open the shop; software and communication costs; Training cost for the Peter Murray franchisee.

The shop must be in a commercial area of the city with a dimension between 150-200 square metres. The collections are sold twice a year in our showrooms, either in Spain (Alicante), Portugal (Braga) or Greece (Rhodes).

The margin for a distributor is about 20%-30% of the cost.

The margin for a franchise shop is about 120%-130% of the cost.