About Printbox

The days of every small office and home having a printer are numbered. Printbox is an innovative solution to document printing that allows small business and the general public to dispense with their printer.

The Printbox is a printer/copier/scanner that is strategically located in high traffic areas such as shopping malls, petrol stations, railway/subway and bus stations, libraries, universities, airports, hotels and office block receptions where people can print documents at an affordable price. Documents for printing can be uploaded onto Printbox’s secure ‘cloud based’ server for later printing, or printed direct from a USB memory stick. Whilst this may appear a pipe dream, it is already happening in Slovenia where Printbox have been operating for several years.

With over 160 Printboxes in position throughout Slovenia, a country with a population of only two million, substantial revenues are being generated as Slovenians have taken quickly to the idea of printing on the go (printer-less office and home). Given the high margins available, profits are very attractive. A recently appointed Country Developer is now replicating this success in Bulgaria.

Why Printbox?

The Printbox Master Franchise allows the development of a business at the forefront of change. In the same way as the mobile phone has changed communication, Printbox is changing attitudes to printing. Many years ago, we were all looking forward to the paperless office. It will never happen, BUT, the printer-less office is a reality in Slovenia and it can be in your country. If you have a sales approach to business and are a true visionary, you will see the potential for Printbox. All it takes is a small team, a salesman, a technician and a customer service person and the printing revolution is launched.

How does Printbox stay in front?

With a strong technical team at Head Office, Printbox engineers are constantly looking for improvements to make to their unique units. Each Printbox is linked via the internet to Head Office so that performance can be monitored in real time. Any issues can then be flagged up for the attention of the technician so that extremely high service levels are maintained.

The opportunity

This is a Master Franchise opportunity to create a national business. Once the pilot territory is up and running, the Master Franchisee will market the franchise within their country, with a superb earnings opportunity. The Master Franchisee will manage the territory and earn Management Service Fee from the Sub-Franchisees in return.

Great support

With the dedicated support team at Head Office, Master Franchisees will have access to experienced professionals who know the business inside out. Regular territory visits will ensure that each territory is maximising the earnings opportunity.

The ideal Master Franchisee

Individuals or business that are passionate about delivering outstanding customer service. They must also have good coaching skills as they will be managing a team of Sub-Franchisees. The franchise system has been professionally developed by FDS and we are seeking those who can follow the franchise system and meet the financial requirements of the business.