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Want to introduce sales, sales management and leadership training to your domestic market quickly and competitively? Then you may wish to consider growth through a partnership with Sandler Training®. As a Sandler® Master Franchisee or Area Developer, your firm can secure exclusive national or regional rights to deploy Sandler Training— one of the most powerful sales methodologies ever developed. Our non-traditional training program has a proven track record of success. It’s been tested and refined through decades of frontline sales and sales management experience. Yet it remains as innovative today as it was when it was first conceived.
Join the global network of successful Sandler trainers from around the world and experience the business growth you can achieve with Sandler Training® programs.

Why Sandler?

If you’re like most successful salespeople and sales managers, you probably want unlimited earning potential and personal freedom, as well as quality training and the support of a world-class organization. However, few employers are capable of delivering in all of these areas all of the time.
At Sandler Training, we have a solution. If you are a successful sales professional who is confident enough in your abilities to leave the security of the corporate world, we offer you a chance to be the master of your own destiny as a Sandler Training Master Franchisee or Area Developer.

What is Sandler?

How does Sandler Training keep its edge? We do it by providing on-going training, coaching and support to our growing network of certified trainers and consultants. School’s never out in the Sandler organization. The result? Our trainers keep their skills sharp and their knowledge fresh. The fruits of our efforts can be seen in the caliber of our trainers and employees, the quality of our training programs and the continued satisfaction and loyalty of our clients.
David Sandler’s bold ideas continue to challenge and inspire even the most seasoned sales executives. And Sandler Training is dedicated to keeping our clients ahead of the curve with innovative new training programs and concepts.
These approaches are proven. They work. And they will continue to produce dramatic results for every organization and every sales professional who practice the Sandler Selling System®.

Unprecedented Support

As a Sandler Franchisee, you will have access to seasoned coaches, advanced online training, international sales conferences, newsletters, podcasts and much more. The bottom line: you will be endowed with support from a caring home office staff and a global family of franchisees willing to provide assistance and advice in helping you achieve your goals. Details will be provided during our first exploratory call.

Sandler Awards and Recognition

What Our Franchisees Say

“ I joined Sandler Training in 2003, and I’m the Master Franchisee for the United Kingdom. My background was in IT, sales and marketing. There were three compelling reasons why I joined Sandler Training: Firstly, I had already been a customer of theirs. I knew they had fantastic material because I’d used it and seen it work for me in my business career.
Secondly, when I was looking for a business opportunity, I needed to look for something that had enough breadth of material and enough breadth of customers. And that’s what I saw when I looked at some of the other business consulting franchises, they were just too general. But with Sandler Training, we just do sales and sales management, and every company needs that. So, it’s a huge marketplace.
And thirdly, I saw the maturity of the business, and the depth and strength of the business they had.... they had over 170 in North America, and had been franchising for over 30 years. I’m very confident from what I saw in the United States, and the vision for growing this internationally, that the time is right! The time is now! We’ve started our international expansion, and we’re set to increase that at a much faster pace.” — Shaun Thomson