Sell Entertainment Flights with a Professional Flight Simulator

SOFTEKSIM is a manufacturer of Professional and Recreational Flight Simulators.

Extend your existing entertainment business with an attractive aviation simulator or to start a new franchise.

This is not only a great income source but also an opportunity to work with a happy and satisfied clientele.

If you love aviation – this is a great opportunity to begin a career in the aviation industry. You or your staff will be trained to operate the Aircraft Simulators – flights at day and night, in snow, or sunny day, with side winds or calm weather. You will be able to virtually travel across the World choosing different airports and enjoy stunning scenery from above sitting- in the Captain’s seat.

Service description:

You will provide recreational flights as an Airplane Captain and with the assistance of a pilot will help to coach how to fly the aircraft and perform maneuvers, take offs and landings. Panoramic visuals and sound accurately simulate the flight deck atmosphere. Choose to fly from airports Worldwide or fly over the Eiffel Tower, land at Heathrow, or anywhere your customers want. You will be providing unique, memorable and in demand experience to all your clients.

Franchise offer:

  • A Professional Aircraft Simulator which accurately mimics flight (fixed base or with motion platform).
  • Online system for clients simulator flight date/time reservations
  • Public website
  • Assistance with business system, marketing and PR
  • Delivery of aircraft simulator and installation
  • Technical support and maintenance assistance Staff training

Commercial model:

  • Ticket cost $/€ 99 per hour
  • Operation time: 12hrs a day (without weekends)

Operational expenses:

Incredibly low operational expenses! With robust construction and power required (up to 10KW) the total operational costs are around €10.

Advertisement models:

The simulator experience is a great gift for children or adults for a Birthday, Christmas, Father's Days and any other occasion.


No limitations - you can operate in any country around the World. We will deliver and install the Simulator for you.

Service description & limitations:

  • Flights in a surroundings of the airport of clients interest, learning of airmanship, different weather and flight conditions.
  • Duration of flight - 1 hour.
  • Recommended for every. Age limitation – started from 8 years.
  • Room space required – 30sq.m.

Technical support:

While the Aircraft Simulator is a sophisticated yet a robust device it still may require some technical attention. For our partners we provide a technical support and warranty. We are able to update and remotely configure the Simulator software via an internet connection.

Year company established:


SOFTEKSIM franchise cost:

Professional Simulator Beechcraft King Air C90 with a motion platform – €85,000.

Other models are available for instance less sophisticated aircraft model/simulator to suit your budget, please contact us for more information.

Client’s satisfaction guaranteed and you will have an exciting work experience.