Invest in an Incredible Business Growth Opportunity

The Alternative Board® (TAB), is a leading international provider of peer advisory and coaching solutions to leaders of privately held businesses. Established in 1990, TAB brings business owners and executives together to learn ways to overcome challenges and grow their businesses.

This emerging business opportunity offers unlimited potential in the international market. As a TAB Master Franchise Owner, you sell franchises that create peer boards for small to medium-sized businesses throughout your country. TAB will support you with the infrastructure, knowledge base and market potential to yield high returns and be the leading business expert in your area.

TAB World Headquarters will work with you and provide a sound business model, a proven track record for helping business owners around the world become more profitable and tailored messaging so you can connect with your market. We'll work with you on integrating your strategy and customising your marketing materials to have messaging that reflects your culture and serves your country-specific needs while still maintaining the integrity of the globally recognised TAB brand.

Master Franchise Owner Benefits
Our strategies are backed by sound thinking using proven strategies from our executive leadership team. As a Master Franchise Owner, we will be by your side every step of the way, providing you with:

  • Proven systems and tools - With Strategic Business Leadership®(SBL), members define their vision, set goals and establish a growth plan for success. Our in-depth business analysis tool, TAB Business Vantage®, shows business owners where their business actually stands versus where they think it is and the TAB Hotline allows business owner members from around the world to leverage industry expertise through this TAB franchise network
  • Start-to-finish processes - Master Franchise Owners will never be alone during any stage of their TAB business. We'll help you recruit franchise owners, establish boards and secure members - resulting in a seamless and profitable process
  • Knowledge transfer - Training is not only comprehensive, but is customised to meet the unique needs of your country and market
  • Speed-to-market - Our tested and proven model ensures time and resources are allocated effectively and efficiently
  • Sales and marketing support - With an established brand, Master Franchise Owners can take advantage of modifying existing materials for both franchise owner recruitment and board member acquisition

About TAB Facilitators/Coaches
TAB gives top-notch consultants, former corporate executives or entrepreneurs the opportunity to facilitate monthly meetings of owners, CEOs and presidents of privately owned companies. Over 300 TAB Boards® consisting of up to 10 members from non-competing businesses operate each month in a confidential, "think tank" setting where members can present challenges and opportunities for seasoned, practical advice from other members and his/her facilitator.

In addition to facilitating TAB Board meetings, TAB Facilitators also conduct individual coaching sessions using TAB's easy-to-use proprietary tool, Strategic Business Leadership® (SBL), which helps owners define both their personal and business visions.

Our TAB facilitators/coaches are business leaders in their communities and have been helping business owners strategically lead their businesses to greater success for almost 20 years. They obtain a competitive advantage by growing their franchise to a level that achieves their goals, including:

  • An affordable investment, allowing you to control your business and maximise your ROI
  • A profession in which you can apply your experience, aptitudes and strengths for a rewarding and fulfilling career
  • Significant, consistent and predictable cash flow from membership dues
  • Expanded consulting opportunities allowing you to provide more value to your clients
  • Work/life balance
  • Proven sales processes and marketing tools
  • Control over the hours you want to work
  • A local client base with no required out-of-town travel
  • Long-term client relationships
  • A strong referral network
  • Equity build-up with a viable exit strategy
  • Exclusive territories available in sizes that fit your needs
  • No required cold calling
  • Billing, collections and other administrative support

TAB franchise owners must have a minimum of seven years of experience as a senior corporate executive, business consultant or entrepreneur and enjoy making use of their business background by working as an advisory board facilitator and personal business coach. The TAB franchise opportunity is ideal for transitioning executives, business consultants and entrepreneurs who are looking to start or expand a consulting business. They must also possess excellent communication skills and be comfortable presenting and speaking to groups, coaching individual businesses, facilitating group meetings and consulting.

TAB Training & Support
TAB offers in depth training, valuable tools, marketing and sales processes, facilitation and private coaching and resources to help you launch and grow your TAB franchise, while delivering value to your members and helping them achieve their vision of success. Our corporate team is focused on the development of new solutions and dedicated to continuous improvement.