Own a franchise in the multi-billion dollar English Training sector

The marketplace

English is often referred to as the international language of business and for many people living in non-English speaking countries having a good grasp of the language is vital in finding a job or progressing in their career. For this reason English language schools for adults are rapidly growing throughout the world in a sustainable marketplace.

Recent estimates have put the English language training sector at 50 billion USD globally, and the British Council has estimated that 2 billion people will learn English in the next 10 years.

The Wall Street Institute programme

One brand at the forefront of the adult English language training sector is Wall Street Institute, which offers adult English language training for both private individuals and for businesses.

Some of the benefits of learning English at Wall Street Institute include:

  • Unlike traditional schools that have set schedules, Wall Street Institute students can start learning English at any time of the year.
  • Classes are offered many times throughout the week and missed classes can be made up – students never need to worry about missing a class.
  • Wall Street Institute centres are open on evenings and weekends to accommodate busy schedules.
  • Students can study online as well as in-center.

Personalised attention

  • Wall Street Institute core classes have an average of three students who are all at the same learning level.
  • Immersion from the moment they walk through the door, students are immersed in English. Teachers are from English speaking countries such as the UK, the United States, Australia, Ireland, Canada, and South Africa, helping students develop a better understanding of pronunciation and conversation skills.


  • Each centre has a Social Club that offers fun ways for students to further immerse themselves in English. English books, magazines, and videos are available and students can participate in group activities organised both inside and outside the centre.

Proven Method

  • The Wall Street Institute Method has been developed and in use for over 35 years.
  • Wall Street Institute is one of the select few English language instruction providers to be ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Global Community

  • Wall Street Institute offers a one of a kind virtual community of over 100,000 students called The Village where students can practice their English language skills through playing entertaining games, completing activities, and chatting and sharing their experiences with other students from around the world.

The franchise opportunity

Wall Street Institute was founded in 1972 and has been franchising since 1983. The company now has 400 franchises in over 25 countries across the world and is currently looking for Master Franchise, Area Developer and single unit franchise owners to continue its expansion. Wall Street Institute is particularly keen to recruit franchise partners for Japan, Brazil, Eastern Europe, and the Gulf region.

A single unit Wall Street Institute franchise costs between 300,000 USD and 400,000 USD. The price for other franchises is dependent on the scope of the territory. As part of the franchise fee, Wall Street Institute franchise partners will receive full training and support in all areas of the business, prior to the opening of their franchise and throughout the duration of their contract.

In addition to full training and support Wall Street Institute offers its franchise partners:

  • A business with precise, well-defined know-how. Its system is precise, reliable, and proven to manage all stages and areas of the business.
  • Assistance. The company has expert specialised staff that provides all necessary training and assistance in adapting systems and products to the circumstances of each market. This results in correctly transferring know-how to each new management team.
  • Commitment. Wall Street Institute is committed to constantly improving the organisation.
  • Exclusivity. Franchise owners have exclusivity within a territory for the development of a unique system and product.

Many of Wall Street Institute's franchise partners operate their franchise as owner operators, but the larger businesses require hands off management skills and techniques. There is huge potential for dedicated area developers and franchise owners to build multi-million dollar businesses and Wall Street Institute's largest franchise partner has a turnover of 50 million USD.

Wall Street Institute is looking for franchise partners who have strong and proven managerial and entrepreneurial skills. Knowledge and experience of operating in the territory and sector is also important.