The freedom franchise that clicks

Ranked the Number one Internet Business Franchise in the world for four years running by Entrepreneur magazine, WSI is the leading global provider of Internet Solutions to the small and medium-sized enterprise market (SMEs).

Operating as a franchisor since the mid 1990s, our affordable full-service offerings and patent-pending development approach have set us apart from other firms trying to offer similar e-Business solutions.

Market Demand The internet isn't just about selling products to the over 787.5 million online users. It's also about e-Business, using internet technologies to support and enhance business activities at reduced cost. Simply put, the internet is no longer a novelty but a necessity for running a profitable business - whether a business operates locally or globally.

Using our Proven System and taking advantage of our exclusive partnerships worldwide, WSI consultants simplify the internet and help businesses stake their claim to the vast profits attainable online and via internet-based technologies. Because SMEs represent up to 90 per cent of business in most countries and are the largest and fastest growing market worldwide, the market for affordable Internet Solutions is enormous.

Freedom Franchising At WSI we are proud to not only provide the best for our SME clients but for our Internet Consultants as well. We affectionately refer to our franchise model as a 'Freedom Franchise' because of the freedom that our ICs have in operating their business. WSI gives each franchisee what they've always wanted - the freedom to control their own destiny. As a WSI Internet Consultant, you will have the freedom to keep either flexible or regular business hours, determine how to spend your evenings and weekends, set your own schedule and pace, and control how fast and large to grow your business.

WSI franchisees are trained and certified Internet Consultants. Those who have a background or high interest in the technology, business or marketing/sales fields find this a wonderful opportunity to evolve their professional careers into successful entrepreneurship.

But you don't need in-depth technical internet knowledge, a fortune's worth of disposable income or a degree from MIT - all that's needed is the right attitude, a willingness to learn more about the power of the internet and its ability to provide businesses with an excellent return on investment and, of course, our proven system. We'll provide the training, certification and ongoing support you need to build and grow.